The Materials

Dalisay Collection creates with a focus on locally sourced, natural materials. Our long lasting pieces are made to be loved, refurbished, repaired, and reused.

Wood and Stone


A very hard wood that has been tested to be 55% harder than European White Oak, 23% harder than hickory, and 90% harder than carbonized bamboo. Highly scratch resistant in comparison to other hardwoods with unique grains and coloring for every slab.


A tropical, hardwood, naturally tends to have a reddish-brown color which often darkens over time. Very durable with good workability for long lasting furniture.


Often referred to as “Philippine Mahogany” but not truly part of the Mahogany family. The wood comes from trees which are typically 50 meters high and attain over one meter diameter trunks. Locally sourced Tanguile can only be harvested in the Philippines under strict conditions to ensure the sustainability and protection of the species.


Also known as New Guinea walnut, dao is a durable and naturally termite resistant hardwood found throughout the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.


A hardwood with plentiful supply, mango trees can easily reach 25-30 meters in height within 15 years, making it a sustainable and popular wood choice for durable and long lasting furniture.


The volcanic stone, or lahar, in our pieces, started from the infamous Mt. Pinatubo, an active volcano in the Philippines. After eruptions and monsoon rains, the lahar washed down into local rivers and quarries before making its way to your home.

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Weaving and Fabric


Long vine-like palms of rattan naturally grow throughout the Philippines. A versatile material which can be bent, curved, or woven, dried rattan is lightweight and can withstand humidity, high temperatures, and has a natural resistance to insects.


Weaving with pandan leaves is a longstanding tradition in the Philippines and throughout other areas of Southeast Asia. While weaving is a long skilled process, preparation of the leaves for weaving is a process in itself. First the pandan must be cut from the main plant, and cleaned with thorns removed. Then each piece must be boiled until the natural sap is gone. After soaking overnight the leaves are dried in the sun for a week or more as the color continues to lighten from a natural green to a light tan or white color.

Water Hyacinth

Locally known as batok-batok, water hyacinth is an aquatic plant which grows on the water. As it grows quite quickly, it can clog waterways making harvesting it necessary and also sustainable. The leaves are carefully cut and dried before using for the intricate weaving of baskets and other home decor products.


Naturally, strong, durable, and breathable, our cotton is sourced in partnership with HABI: The Philippines Textile Council to preserve and promote Philippine textiles - supporting skilled weavers and local cotton farmers alike.


The plush cushions for our sofas are sewn with FibreGuard stain-resistant fabric. This special fabric is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and free of over a hundred harmful substances, making them friendly for families, pets, and the environment.

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