About Us

Dalisay Collection is an artisan-driven, design-oriented fabricator of unique and timeless furniture and decor pieces.

Founded in 2020, our team works closely with skilled, independent craftsmen and family-owned workshops in the Philippines who are committed to using locally and sustainably-sourced materials and generational techniques.

From Our Founder

Before starting Dalisay Collection, I was scrolling online and saw a beautiful home decoration. From the materials and the design, I instantly recognized where it was made, but I was disappointed that like many artisan made pieces from large home decor companies, there was no clear recognition of the origin on the website.

I had spent years traveling and working with nonprofits and social enterprises in East Africa and Asia. Through this I was able to start curating my own small collection of meaningful, handcrafted pieces from around the world for my home in Hong Kong.

All of this inspired me to launch Dalisay Collection – where I could provide furniture with unique designs and incorporate the positive values I supported in my nonprofit career - sustainability, job creation, and most importantly, acknowledgement of the people and materials behind every piece we make.

Thank you for supporting our small, but growing business!

- Pristine Lampard

  • Conscious Design

    We create with circular design principles in mind so that every piece has a longer life cycle. With deliberate timeless aesthetics and high quality, natural materials, our pieces can be used, repaired, then reused again and again either in their original form or in new designs.

  • A Diverse, Global Community

    We build a community where globally-minded individuals can come together and share our designer pieces and their own stories, inspiration, and experiences.

  • Celebration of Craftsmanship

    We honor and acknowledge the craftsmanship and stories of our makers and our materials in contemporary designs. By partnering with makers in under-resourced communities we strive to provide meaningful and sustainable work to preserve their crafts and cultures.

Our Studio

Our team of award winning designers are from DEFT (Design Eight Five Two). With studios in Hong Kong and Manila, our team works with a range of private and commercial clients to to provide thoughtful and innovative design solutions that evolve with the needs of each project.

This also allows Dalisay Collection to provide full design support to other design studios, from drawings and renderings to after sales services.

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Our Makers

We work closely with our team of skilled craftsmen in small family-owned workshops in the Philippines. Each piece we create carries a story behind it - from the people to the locally sourced materials and the modern and traditional techniques used.

By showcasing the skill of local makers and connecting them to new global audiences, Dalisay Collection strives to provide these craftsmen with meaningful and fairly compensated work, helping to preserve their trade and make real contributions to their livelihoods and communities.