The Makers

Meet the master artisans creating one of a kind pieces for your home

Every piece in our collection has a story behind it

At the heart of our first collection are wood makers from small, family-run workshops with decades of experience crafting one of a kind pieces for your home.

Our craftsmen use a combination of modern and traditional techniques to bring our designs to life.

Dalisay Collection works closely with makers who lack access to global markets, striving to provide meaningful and sustainable work as they preserve their craft.

Weaving is more than just a tradition, it is a ritual.

We partner with fabric weavers through HABI: The Philippines Textile Council to preserve and promote Philippine textiles - supporting skilled weavers and local cotton farmers alike.

From pick and preparing cotton, to warping, winding, and arranging threads, the weaving process is long and painstaking. Each of our 100% cotton pillow covers supports the preservation of the history and livelihood for many women and indigenous communities.

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