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DACO Care Plan

Our furniture is made to last, but we know accidents happen.

Have pets? Children at home? Enjoy flexible ownership with peace of mind by selecting an additional DACO Care Plan

What the plan covers

Your DACO Care Plan is a one time fee which you can choose to add on to your Flexible Ownership Plan. DACO Care Plans cover non-structural damages* from normal, indoor use for the item you purchase it for. You won't pay additional repair fees for these covered damages. If you are have a Flexible Ownership Plan for multiple items, you must purchase a DACO Care Plan for each individual piece of furniture or decor.

Examples of Non-Structural Damages Include:

  • Scratches
  • Scuff Marks
  • Color changes due to exposure to indoor sunlight
  • Light watermarks from cups or glasses
  • Chipped corners

Enjoy Flexible Ownership Plans with additional peace of mind

What is not covered

Examples of Damages Not Covered**:

  • Structural damages
  • Broken legs of chairs, tables or other items
  • Holes or cuts in fabric of woven items
  • Wood which has been split
  • Damages caused by using items outdoors
  • Damages due to smoke, including cigarette smoke
  • Any damage caused by unintended use
  • Damages for items which have been purchased for one-time purchase or which are no longer under a Flexible Ownership Plan and are fully owned by the customer

Have a question about a specific damage? Email us at to discuss

*excludes damages due to improper use, outdoor use, or damage caused by smoke

**list is non-exhaustive and not limited by the above examples
Dalisay Collection Limited reserves the right to handle specific damages on a case by case basis