Dalisay Collection (DACO), the designer furniture collective with flexible ownership, launches in Hong Kong

Available online and at K11 MUSEA, experience beautifully handcrafted, one-of-a-kind furniture & home decor made to last by skilled artisans with locally sourced materials

Hong Kong, 29 March 2021 - Today, Dalisay Collection (DACO), the designer furniture collective with flexible ownership, makes its highly-anticipated debut online and at the new DACO Pop-up at K11 MUSEA, open through August 2021. Founded in Hong Kong, Dalisay Collection’s unique design, artisan-driven approach and commitment to locally sourced materials come together to deliver handcrafted furniture and home decor that lasts for generations. Meaning “pure, sincere, genuine” in Tagalog, the language of the Philippines, the name Dalisay (pronounced “dah-lee-sigh”) is a homage to the place with which the brand shares its roots, as well as the values that guide the collaborative process that goes into each one-of-a-kind piece. 

Small Batches, Big Heart - DACO’s One-Of-A-Kind Pieces

Purposefully created in small limited edition batches only, the quality of a handcrafted Dalisay Collection piece stands out in an era of mass produced fast furniture. Working closely with skilled independent craftsmen in small family-owned workshops, each Dalisay Collection piece carries a story behind it - from the people to the locally sourced materials and the modern and traditional techniques used.

Every Dalisay Collection piece is a celebration of collaboration where the impeccable craftsmanship of local artisans throughout the Philippines meets a premium yet pragmatic design language honed in Hong Kong. By showcasing the skill of local makers and connecting them to new global audiences, Dalisay Collection strives to provide these craftsmen with meaningful and fairly compensated work, helping to preserve their trade and make real contributions to their livelihoods and communities.

A passionate advocate for quality over quantity, Dalisay Collection embraces circular design with long lasting pieces that are made to be loved, refurbished, repaired and reused again and again. This deliberate emphasis on longevity not only serves its owners over the extensive lifespan of each piece, but it reduces furniture waste and promotes sustainability.

“At Dalisay Collection, we make furniture for people who appreciate the story and purpose of our collective and the craftsmanship that go into our designs. These globally minded individuals take pride in supporting local artisans and owning unique pieces with heart and soul behind them. With design that speaks for itself, we wanted to make Dalisay accessible – with flexible ownership plans, we make it easy to try DACO in your home so you can get a real feel for the piece you’re investing in. We are so excited to finally welcome you to experience the Dalisay launch collection by visiting our new K11 MUSEA pop-up and website,” says Pristine Lampard, Founder of Dalisay Collection.

The Story Behind DACO

A frequent traveler, Pristine Lampard started Dalisay Collection on the heels of her career in non-profit and social enterprises in Asia and East Africa. Finding that she always brought memorable pieces from her travels back to her home in Hong Kong, Pristine decided to curate a furniture collection that invariably imbued that same special feeling. Most importantly, she sought to create pieces that acknowledged and celebrated their origins – the people, techniques and materials behind them – over the course of generations.

To bring the DACO concept to life, Pristine embarked on numerous sourcing trips to the Philippines, meeting with specialised craftsmen across different regions to develop a strong network of local artisans. With a mind to create one-of-a-kind pieces with both uncommon character and timeless appeal, Pristine enlisted the services of seasoned interdisciplinary designers Peter Lampard and Norman Ung, the co-founders of DEFT, to help realise her vision.

Defying limiting labels and eschewing overly trendy styles, together the trio organically refined the DACO design aesthetic. Inspired by the artistic and technical prowess of the Filipino craftsmen, the beauty of locally sourced materials, and the Hong Kong lifestyle and the spaces we call home, DACO pieces have an original heritage and style unlike any other.


Try Before You Buy - Find Your Perfect DACO Fit with Flexible Ownership 

As a designer furniture collective with flexible ownership, Dalisay Collection is committed to hassle-free customer experiences and making high quality interior design more accessible and attainable. With flexible ownership plans ranging from 3-12 months, Dalisay Collection’s flexible ownership enables you to enjoy high-end furniture in your home with low upfront costs. Whether you’re an expat in Hong Kong for a short stint or a resident who’d rather not commit to furniture without first seeing it in your space, flexible ownership is the ultimate hassle-free “try before you buy” option – no need to make the leap to own a piece until you’re ready.

When your flexible ownership is coming to an end, you can choose to return the piece, extend your plan, try a new style, or keep the furniture you’ve fallen in love with – simply pay the difference between the retail value and what you’ve paid to-date and it’s all yours! For extra peace of mind during your flexible ownership, DACO Care Plans are available as an individual add-on.


Experience Dalisay Collection now online at www.dalisaycollection.com and in-person at the new DACO Pop-up at Shop 403A (4F) in K11 MUSEA, open daily until 31 August 2021.

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