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How Flexible Ownership Works

Step 1

Buy or try a piece through a Flexible Ownership Plan for a short period of time -- 3, 6, or 12 months.


Step 2

  1. When your Flexible Ownership plan is done, you can Renew your plan, Refresh your space with a new item, or Return your pieces.

Step 3

  1. If you’ve fallen in love with the piece, you can choose to buy -- simply pay the difference between retail price and your payments to date and the piece is yours.


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In the Press

"A furniture collective that pays homage to the craftsmanship of Filipino artisans while celebrating natural materials from throughout the Philippines by bringing some of the best handcrafted pieces to Hong Kong."

"You can expect each piece to be a celebration of collaboration where the impeccable craftsmanship of local artisans throughout the Philippines meets a premium yet pragmatic design language honed in Hong Kong."

"Dalisay Collection not only reflects the founder, Pristine Lampard’s sustainable vision but also brings fresh aesthetics and modern design to traditionally-crafted hand-made furniture." - (English translation)

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