hara kako

Cafe and Lifestyle Space
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

On the ground floor our Chair-04 and Chair-05 provide seating alongside the more raw features in the cafe space. Upstairs the designs balance natural elements with more refined edges with custom made pieces - a sofa, bench, side table, and a show stopping 3 meter live edge dining table - and our popular S-Table-05 One Cup Coffee Stand and the S-Bench.


The interiors of the space correspond to the meaning behind hara kako. Rooted in the Japanese Kanji of Hara “原“ and Kako ”加工“, Hara translates as raw, original, and natural. Kako is refined, elegant, and unstructured.

These same elements are reflected in the interiors of hara kako with the use of materials such as concrete and wood. Textures are left unrefind to bring out the natural characteristics of the materials used.

Bringing raw elements indoors with authentic wood grains, knots, and fissues, Dalisay Collection's pieces add a genuine touch of effortless distinction.

Dalisay Collection for hara kako
Dalisay Collection for hara kako
Dalisay Collection for hara kako

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