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Zoom Backgrounds to Refresh Your Digital Spaces

Refresh your digital spaces with Dalisay Collection Zoom backgrounds that furnish your space with our limited edition furniture and decor. These backgrounds allow you to video chat  in style with indoor and outdoor scenes that are perfect for a meeting with your colleagues or catching up with friends. 

Add these backgrounds in 4 easy steps.

Step One: Save the image you’d like to use.

Step Two: Open Zoom and go to Preferences.

Step Three: In "Backgrounds & Filters" use the "+" button to add new backgrounds from your computer.

Step Four: Start your next Zoom meeting and your digital space will be refreshed.

Our Media-01 table styled with our Pouf-01 Short. The Media-01 table is a unique trio of three solid Acacia wood media console tables. The largest table provides hidden storage for cords and consoles behind a handwoven rattan cabinet.
L-R Clockwise: C-Table-02 in Natural, Sofa-01, Pouf-01 Tall, Pouf-01 Short
Our Outdoor Coffee Table (C-Table-04) styled with Pouf-01, Pouf-02, Pillow-01, and Rug-01
Our Outdoor Living Collection Seating (Sofa-03 and Chair-03) styled with our Pouf-01, Pouf-02, and Pillow-01
Our entire outdoor living collection
Sofa-02 and S-Table-01