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We're Reducing Prices and Making Our Pieces More Attainable

Two wooden side tables

Creating attainable designer pieces and experiences is at the forefront of Dalisay Collection’s values because we want to help you create a meaningful home and lifestyle that evolves with you. That’s why this fall, we’re taking steps to make our one-of-a-kind pieces even more attainable and flexible for you. 

No Monthly Minimum Spend for Flexible Ownership

Wooden Couch with Cushions with Text Sofa-01 from $30,500 to $24,000 or only $1,000 a month* on Flexible Ownership
Sofa-01 from $30,500 to $24,000 or only $1,000 a month for 12 Month Flexible Ownership Plans

Dalisay Collection no longer has a minimum monthly spend to access our Flexible Ownership plans which are now offered for 3, 6, or 12 months. You can buy or try our handcrafted designer pieces even if it’s only one piece at a time and further adapt your space, while reducing furniture waste. As always, Flexible Ownership plans are convenient and hassle-free with free delivery, assembly, and pickup for most areas in Hong Kong.

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Online Model with Attainable Pricing

Brown Wooden Coffee Table with Text C-Table-01 from $18,250 to $13,200 or only $550 a month* on Flexible Ownership
C-Table-01 from $18,250 to $13,200 or only $550 a month for 12 Month Flexible Ownership Plans

 We’re shifting our main shopping experience online to streamline operations and make our pieces more attainable for you. This means, our prices for most retail and Flexible Ownership plans have been reduced without any impact on our partner artisans.

With this shift, we can continue to invest in what matters —  our commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability as well as our commitment to making things more attainable for you.

While we loved meeting everyone at our pop up store in K11 Musea, we are excited to connect with our diverse community online.

Buy Less, Buy Better

Volcanic Stone Side Table with Text S-Table-02 From $15,250 to $10,800
S-Table-02 From $15,250 to $10,800

Dalisay Collection will continue to create designer pieces in small and limited batches. We are committed to conscious consumption, which is reflected in our timeless aesthetic and in our consistent pricing model all year round. Unlike fast furniture, we only want to furnish your home with items that match your needs, aesthetics, and values. 

To encourage a model of buying less but better, we are deliberate with our discounts and sales as well. These will only be applicable to limited pieces such as — pre-ordering new collections, floor models, samples, and retiring collections. With this, we hope to encourage a community that creates and consumes consciously.

At Dalisay Collection, we're on a mission to make the experience and ownership of well-designed, meaningful, and inspiring home products hassle-free, conscious, and attainable for your evolving values and lifestyles. These changes and your support can get us there.

Keep supporting slow furniture and circular design. The more people who say yes to small batch designs and Flexible Ownership, the more we can continue creating a community for diverse, globally-minded individuals who care about aesthetics and ethics.