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Must-Have Items to Elevate Your Home Coffee Experience

We spoke to Philippine Aeropress Champion and Owner of small-batch Specialty Coffee roastery, Take Time Coffee, Daniel Roque, about how to take your home brews to the next level. Here are his top tips and recommendations for equipment that will elevate your home coffee experience, even if you’re a total beginner. 

L: Daniel Roque judging at the Philippine Aeropress Competition in 2019, R: Daniel Roque roasting coffee beans
L: Daniel Roque judging at an Aeropress Competition, R: Daniel Roque roasting beans

Bad Beans = Bad Coffee

It all starts with high quality coffee beans and how they are prepared. Make sure you look not at the expiration date but at the roast date. You always want to use freshly roasted beans for the best taste. Beans roasted for filter coffee are best consumed between 7-14 days after they are roasted. 

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Measure with a Scale

Use a scale when measuring your beans and when brewing your coffee. Don’t rely on the usual 1 tablespoon coffee to 1 cup water recipes you find online which can be very inconsistent. Measuring both the coffee and the water helps you brew a consistently delicious cup. My usual ratios for coffee range from a 1:12 to 1:15 water to bean ratio. 

Acaia pearl scaleAcaia Pearl Coffee Scale
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Find Your Grind

Grind your beans right before you plan to brew them using a burr grinder. Burr grinders, unlike the more popular blade grinders, grind beans into consistent particles. This makes for a more delicious cup and allows flexibility between different coffee brewers. 

Ode Brew Grinder by FellowOde Brew Grinder by Fellow
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Check the Temperature

A gooseneck kettle with temperature control makes a big difference. You may have noticed a theme here — consistency. Brewing a great cup of coffee is all about consistency and one of the variables you can play with is water temperature. Use water that’s too hot and you’ll have a bitter cup while using water that’s too cold gets you coffee that tastes a little bit like vegetables. Stick to around 85-95 degrees Celsius depending on the beans you’re using.

Stagg EKG KettleStagg EKG Electric Kettle by Fellow
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Try an Aeropress

Of course, the Aeropress. It’s a simple brewer that you can use at home or bring with you on your travels. It’s also perfect for small apartments or kitchens without a lot of storage space. It’s such an iconic piece of brewing equipment that there are competitions around the world using it while also being very simple to use.

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Aesthetic Matters

A nice set of coffee cups can help you enjoy your brew. Loveramics has always been one of my all time favorites among the classic cups and their Bond Collection is a good choice.

Loveramics 250ml Starsky Mug
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Daniel Roque started out as a regular in Specialty Coffee Shops. He eventually became a barista and won the Philippine Aeropress Championship in 2016. Shortly after, he opened his own coffee shop and now he roasts beans for his small-batch Specialty Coffee Roaster, Take Time Coffee. 

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