Find The Perfect Sofa For Your Space With Our Updated Sofa Sizes

Find The Perfect Sofa For Your Space With Our Updated Sofa Sizes

Finding the right furniture for your space requires asking a lot of questions. It’s not just about style or if the pieces fit your door or the lift in your apartment building, you also have to consider if it fits your living space. While smaller furniture and decor pieces may be more forgiving, that’s not the case with a sofa that has a relatively larger footprint. Fortunately, we’re here to help! 

As a general rule, your sofa should not occupy the whole length of the wall it’s placed against. It should only occupy about ⅔ of the space. However, we know that’s not always possible in smaller living spaces. Don’t be afraid to break the rules andchoose the correct sofa size based on your needs. If you’re after having more floor space in your living area, choose a smaller size but if you prefer entertaining, lounging, or have a larger family, then choose a larger size. Either way, the size of the sofa you choose should serve you and your lifestyle. With beautiful Dalisay Collection designs, you can’t go wrong

At Dalisay Collection, we are committed to create a meaningful home and lifestyle that evolves with you and this includes giving you options for your space, which is why we are excited that our Sofa-01 and Sofa-02 are now available in multiple lengths and depths!

Sofa-01 is now available in two sizes. Sofa-01 Two Seater Plus is the original version (1970L x  860D x 620H mm). Sofa-01 Two Seater on the other hand is perfect for smaller spaces because it’s shorter and slimmer (1600L x 730D x 620H mm).

Sofa-02 now comes in four sizes with multiple three seater and two seater options. Sofa-02 Three Seater Plus is the original version (2200L x 860D x 630H mm) while the Sofa-02 Three Seater is shorter and slimmer (2100L x 730D x 630H mm). For the two seaters we have the Sofa-02 Two Seater Plus (1970L x 860D x 630H mm) and the Sofa-02 Two Seater that’s perfect for smaller spaces(1600L x 730D x 630H mm).

Now you have more options for your space no matter how small or large it may be.

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